Are you having a hard time managing all of the paperwork involved in keeping your trucking company compliant?

We know exactly how you feel. After servicing over 60 trucking companies for the past 3 years we realized that it is nearly impossible for a small business like yours to stay compliant with all the rules and regulations laid down by the Dept. of Transportation (DOT).

In fact, we found that companies like yours, pay up to 11 different Vendors significant amount of money to manage your paperwork to stay compliant. This process is still manual and requires a lot of your time.

This is time you could be spending running your business.

From our findings, this is where majority of Trucking Company owners are spending their time on…

Time & Effort

Drug Tests

Random Testing


Automate Compliance

All-in-one, state-of-the-art, Software Based Compliance at your fingertips. Never worry about going out of compliance again.

Per Drug Test*
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* – In our beta phase, we are currently only offering an Electronic Chain of Custody (eCCF) Drug Testing through our platform.

BluAgent has completely simplified the process of on-boarding our Drivers and managing the Federally Mandated Drug Testing Program. You can also use the site in Spanish, which is a great add-on.RF & MC TRUCK TRANSFER CO INC
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Driver Onboarding

Our state of the art platform that allows you to easily on-board drivers and manage all aspects of their pre-employment.

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Electronic Compliance

Our core Product Offering that will allow you to manage all aspects of compliance at your fingertips. From any device, anywhere in world!

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