Drug Testing

An eCCF is an electronic version of the traditional, five-part, paper Custody and Control Form (CCF) which was used to order drug tests, process specimen collections and provide documentation for drug testing. The paper CCF required the various authorities like Employers, Collection Sites, Labs and Medical Review Offices (MROs) to manually fill out the and Employers to manually fill out the forms to process Drug Test and manage the results.

The US Department of Transportation (US DOT) allowed this data to be entered in an electronic form starting April 2015.

If you are not already using the eCCF process for Drug Testing, you should get started immediately! The eCCF process has tremendous benefits including:

  • reduced paperwork,
  • fewer data entry issues,
  • a streamlined drug testing process from collection to reporting,
  • faster turnarounds and reduced costs!

We at BluAgent have partnered with some of the leading Labs and Medical Review Offices (MROs) in the nation to provide you with eCCF Drug Testing. Click Here to sign up and request your first Drug Test with us.

The short answer is, Yes! We are currently in the process of becoming a fully electronic Drug Testing provider and have partnered with some of the leading Labs and Medical Review Offices (MROs) to fully automate the drug testing process. The Collection Sites and MROs will be able to send and receive results in an electronic format thereby reducing the time it takes to complete the Drug Tests.

Our prices are extremely competitive and our beta prices are $39 per Drug Test. This includes collection, testing and an independent review by the Medical Review Office (MRO).

Yes! BluAgent has a random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program based on guidelines laid down by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Once you add all eligible Drivers to our system, our state-of-the-art algorithms will select drivers randomly from the pool and automatically schedule Drug and Alcohol Tests over random intervals throughout the year.

Our system will also notify your Designated Employee Representatives (DERs) when random selections are made so that tests can be scheduled promptly upon selection.

Our system is completely automated and takes the manual work out from your hands. This program is mandated by the DOT. You’ll never have to worry about being non-compliant again.