About BluAgent

Our Story

BluAgent started with a simple idea of making it easy for Trucking Companies across the US, Canada and Mexico to be more compliant.

Over the years, our co-founders noticed that it was very difficult for Trucking Companies to be compliant with the various rules and regulations laid down by the Department of Transportation because of the manual and tedious processes involved.

BluAgent started with the idea to simplify the process of compliance for such Trucking Companies.

Our Team

Oscar Gonzalez

Prior to BluAgent, Oscar worked as a Federal Special Agent for the U.S. Department of Transportation and for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. He brings more than 25 five years of experience in the transportation industry.

As entrepreneur, Oscar co-founded Motor Carrier Safety Solutions, a bi-national transportation safety compliance company based in the USA and Mexico.

His insights and out-of-the-box-thinking yielded him numerous awards from the U.S. Department of Transportation, receiving the prestigious Safety Achievement Award for discovering the largest commercial insurance fraud across the US/Mexican border.

Advisory Board

Steve Poizner

Steve is an innovator, leader, a successful technology entrepreneur.

He has launched, grown, and sold three tech companies; managed a portfolio of a dozen start-ups as an SVP for a Fortune 200 company; worked at the highest levels in state and federal government.

A few of Steve’s accomplishments are as follows:
• Helped win a major civil rights battle by driving a landmark case to the U.S. Supreme Court;
• Transformed the mobile phone market by inventing a way to integrate GPS into handsets, saving tens of thousands of lives and enabling a new multi-billion dollar location-based services sector;
• Helped develop a post-9/11 Cybersecurity plan for the National Security Council while working as a White House Fellow;
• Established the nation’s leading charter school advocacy and support group (non-profit);Overhauled California’s Department of Insurance as the elected CA Insurance Commissioner, resulting in multi-billion dollars in cost savings for consumers.

Eddie Leshin

Eddie has over 25 years of experience in the logistics and transportation industries, most recently as the COO of Coyote Logistics. As the COO for Coyote Logistics, he was an integral part in helping them become the fastest growing logistics company in the U.S. prior to their acquisition from UPS for $1.8 billion.

Prior to Coyote, Eddie was a Director for C.H. Robinson Worldwide, a $12 billion third party logistics company and a VP with American Backhaulers. He was instrumental in the growth of American Backhaulers to over $300 million when it was sold to C.H. Robinson.

Eddie is currently a partner at Woodlawn Partners in Chicago and is also a member of Hyde Park Angels.